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Orbel personal mobile roller ball hand sanitiser with belt clip (black)

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Order now for shipping 20th October 2021.

Orbel® is a revolutionary mobile hand sanitiser that clips onto a person’s clothing and incorporates 6 small rollerballs to dispense sanitiser gel in just the right quantity.

By swiping your hand over the balls, just the right amount of sanitiser is delivered.

Using Orbel instead of traditional bottles of hand sanitiser gel prevents cross contamination as well as providing a convenient way to carry the gel whilst keeping it accessible.

Avoid chasing hand sanitiser around on your hands. Because Orbel uses rollerballs to deliver the gel, it's spread over the hand rather than being in a blob that can easily slip off.

Orbel contains 60ml of medical grade hand sanitiser which effectively kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds. This follows the “5 Moments” protocols, in line with recommendations from the WHO.

A clear protective cover is supplied with each Orbel that fits snugly over the front. This covers the rollerballs when not in use to prevent satitiser from being dispensed accidentally and to keep the Ortbel clean.

Because Orbel is completely sealed, it's suitable for use in secure environments as it cannot be opened without being clearly tempered with.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends using a hand sanitising product that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Orbel® gel provides 72% alcohol, well exceeding these recommendations.

Orbel is available in the following pack sizes:


6 Pack

24 pack

120 pack

  • ELEVATE YOUR HYGIENE HABIT – It is more important than ever to keep your hands clean. Orbel®  is the simple solution for cleaning your hands on the go. The clip allows you to fasten the device to your clothes, purse, backpack, or keychain for access at all times. Our design-winning, patented multi-roller balls create a fast and easy way to clean your hands at any time. There is a reason that medical professionals prefer Orbel®. Live each day confidently with clean hands by using Orbel®.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – This award-winning, patented design fastens anywhere and is always immediately accessible. It is a great habit-forming technique to keep your hands clean. After a few days wearing Orbel®, you won’t have to think about cleaning your hands. It will become second nature to wipe your hands cleans after touching door handles, elevator buttons, payment pads, gas pumps, and more. Just like your phone, wallet, and mask, you won’t want to leave the house without Orbel®.
  • PERFECT FOR ESSENTIAL SERVICES – Orbel® is a crucial tool to keep customers and essential workers safe. Decrease risks for services such as retail and supermarkets, restaurants, cafés, social workers, security guards, hospitality, food processing, logistics, couriers, aged care, education, childcare, and more.